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If your business or organization offers group benefits to your employees, FBC can help. As one of Arizona’s largest and most experienced insurance and benefit consulting firms, our team provides businesses of all sizes and trades with expert benefits guidance, management, and consulting. Both healthcare and employee group benefits are experiencing rapid change. FBC is your partner and guide to understanding the impact of both major legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, FMLA, COBRA, and others.



Benefit designs must be specific to wages and working environments. It does no good to have plans with deductibles which are too large for low paid workers and it is a waste of resources to allocate benefit dollars to plans with low acceptance. Finding the right fit for your employees is a skill born of experience and compassion. Benefit designs must also keep pace with the evolution of health care delivery methods and value networks in order to offer the maximum opportunity for cost savings. The increased interest in telemedicine and push for alternative delivery methods will make it increasingly important to offer these options.


We have a dedicated staff focusing on the accurate completion of master contracts between the employer and the insurance carriers to insure what was promised gets delivered while offering a plan compliant with all regulatory authorities. Successful implementation of programs requires a practiced work schedule to careful attention to the venues, time frames, and sequence. Our work process will result in the timely deliverance of identification cards and insurance plan booklets, as well as the satisfaction of your employees.


Communication of benefit plans is vital to gaining an improved paradigm about work environments. The ultimate goal of an effective benefit program is to enhance employee’s perception of their compensation. Effective communication requires the use of multiple media, appropriate print materials, and online benefit admin enrollment tools which makes plan selection easy and intuitive.

Our Corporate Clients


“FBC has been a trusted partner to Upward Projects for a long time – from big vision strategy to the small issues our team may face personally, they cut no corners and go over and above at every opportunity. They have helped us to offer best in class benefits to our teams and their families while having a thoughtful approach to our investment in the program.  ”

— Lauren Bailey, CEO Upward Projects

We have worked with Chris Durkin and his staff at FBC for more than 25 years. In that time, we have grown from less than 25 employees to one of the top employers in our county. The level of attention and effort FBC has given us has been consistent throughout our growth. The expertise they provide our organization not only saves us a significant amount of money, but also allows us to focus our time and energy on business operations. The knowledge and professionalism they bring to the table is so important in today’s ever changing insurance landscape. Above all else, Chris and his staff are genuine, honest, and caring. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

– Michelle Huff – Finance Director, Cochise Private Industry Council / Center for Academic Success 

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 1983, FBC is an experienced company that today has more than 300 clients across Arizona and the United States. Through all of our company’s growth, we have never lost sight of our individualized commitment to the companies we work with every single day. Many companies attempt to follow trends or the guidance of others. FBC forges our own path by constantly innovating, adapting, and learning. That makes for a smarter employee benefits company—and greater returns for your business.

Custom Proprietary Group Health Plans
Consumer Driven Health Plans
Group Life & AD&D
Long Term Care
Disability Income
Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

Free 2022 Benefits Benchmarking Survey

At FBC we offer a state-of-the-art, best-in-class benefits benchmarking tool to assess your organization’s current program.

Identify Weaknesses

Identify areas your organization needs to make your benefits stronger

Discover Strengths

Know in which areas you’re already ahead of competitors

Save Money

Learn strategies to reduce costs without sacrificing program quality

the only survey you need

Leverage the most comprehensive benefits benchmarking tool available

At FBC we believe that when it comes to your benefits program, knowledge is power. This is why we’re putting our powerful benchmarking survey into the hands of employers all across AZ. Take the survey today!


Customized comparison and analysis of your plan design, employee costs, employer costs, HSA/HRA funding and more.


The largest, comprehensive employee benefits benchmarking for AZ mid-size employers (50-5,000 employees).


Over 100 data points to compare against thousands of employers nationwide, representing millions of covered employees.


100% FREE TO USE. Other regional surveys customized for mid-market employers can cost you $1,000 or more.

More Value-Added Services

Benefits Plan Analysis

  • Identification of Client’s needs and objectives
  • Current Plan analysis and evaluation
  • Negotiation with carriers for desired employee benefit plan
  • Recommendation of appropriate plan, proposal and explanation

Client Services

  • HRIS Evaluation and Consulting 
  • Total HR Services Powered by Mineral. 
  • Compliance, Legal and HR Database Powered by MyWave Connect.  
  • Complete Cobra Administration. 
  • Section 125 Documentation and Support. 
  • Complete Compliance Solution for All Benefit Laws with All Notices Included (ERISA, ACA, HIPAA, COBRA, etc.). 
  • 5500 Filing and Support. 
  • ACA Reporting Solution. 
  • Open Enrollment Administration and Support (both English and Spanish). 
  • Custom Video Communication. 
  • Custom Enrollment Material. 
  • Creation and maintenance of Enrollment Guide. 
  • Onsite Communication Meetings. 
  • Unlimited Employee Communication Services. 
  • Complete Learning Management System. 
  • Unparelled Customer Service by a dedicated team of Professionals.

        Renewal Services

        • Custom Power Point Enrollment for your Company
        • Annual comparative benefit analysis and report
        • Annual negotiation of renewal rates and benefit structure with carrier
        • Custom Enrollment Literature
        • Enrollment Meetings in English and Spanish
        • In-person reporting to client’s plan administrator to overcome any final problems

        Some of the Additional Services We Offer

        Custom Proprietary Group Health Plans

        FBC has developed proprietary programs which save employers 10% to 15% on their total healthcare spend. These can be used with every vendor and do not require changing your carrier. 

        Expert Funding Solutions

        FBC will design custom funding solutions for each employer from Fully Insured to Completely Self Funded. Proper funding structures maximize the positive effects of improved claims savings. We can help you match risk to projected results while protecting your exposure

        Consumer Driven Health Plans

        Engaged employees maximize their health care dollars when they understand consumer driven plan options. FBC is a leader in the development and use of Consumer Driven Plans.

        Cost Containment

        FBC helps employers with a variety of cost containment strategies through plan design, wellness programs, data analytics and market research.

        Design and Culture Creation

        We successfully design the right benefit plan for employees across all levels of an employer’s workforce to help nurture the culture of the company and attract and retain the right talent. Satisfaction happens when risk tolerance matches pay scale.

        Compliance & HR Services

        FBC provides employers with a complete compliance solution to ensure they avoid penalties associated with all benefit related laws (i.e. Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA, etc.).

        We are your Affordable Care Act experts.

        As a thought leader in our industry, FBC advises our clients on the Affordable Care Act and the impact it has on employee benefits. Our recommendations are rooted in a deep understanding of the law and the ever-shifting contours of the healthcare industry. We can help your business develop best practices for ACA compliance without tying your management team in knots.

        At FBC, we want to be your trusted advisor that helps you manage the evolution of healthcare.

        Email: sales@fbcserv.com

        Call Anytime: (602)-277-8477