Founded in 1982, Christian Family Care Agency is a private nonprofit, 501(c)(3) social services agency that provides services such as adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, and child and family counseling programs focused on meeting the needs of children and families in Arizona.

  • Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
  • 114 employees
  • Serves Phoenix and Tucson

“I’d recommend FBC, primarily because they’re very relational with personalized care for us as a company, to help us maintain the high standards of quality care that we want to provide to our employees, and to do that in affordable ways. And FBC has helped us think through our process for those things.”

Mark Upton – President / CEO, Christian Family Care

Why Christian Family Care Chose FBC

FBC was referred to Christian Family Care as a result of our work with other not-for-profit organizations in Arizona. CFC was under severe budget restriction. They were aware and intrigued with our proprietary solution we offer fully insured clients. After we reviewed their current benefit plan, we were able to demonstrate how our proprietary solutions would allow them to save significantly without having to change carriers.

What FBC Did For Christian Family Care

Our initial review of the CFC benefit plan identified a “Retail Solution” in place for the medical plan, a need for greater proportionality in payroll deductions, and an unbalanced structure to their ancillary portfolio.


Like many employers who had been operating through the recession under tight budget restrictions, their health plan had evolved to a high deductible plan design which did not fit much of their workforce. We were able to restructure the plan design to be effective within their salary ranges while still operating below budget.


There was also a lack of effective communication regarding how benefits work and the advantages of consumer-driven products. Our careful attention to audio- visual content—well-presented in an in-person meeting format—allowed us to improve the perception of the benefit component of the CFC compensation programs. In subsequent years, we redesigned the disability plans to more adequately meet the needs of the employees. We have also set up an online benefit administration platform which integrates with the CFC payroll vendor and we have provided complete solutions for ACA and ERISA compliance. We also provide CFC with COBRA administration and in person reporting for HR questions.


In the past two years, Christian Family Care has doubled it’s size and scope dramatically increasing the number of children and families served. Healthcare cost increases have averaged less than 2% over the last few years. FBC is grateful to be involved with Christian Family Care.


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Helping Christian Family Care with the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has particular impact to any organization with average wage hourly employees. After experimenting with presenting the ACA as an option for some of the CFC workforce we determined CFC was better served with a ACA-compliant solution. CFC chose to not only comply with the law but to do so in a manner which was simple and consistent.

FBC has particular expertise in the specifics of the Affordable Care Act and was able to construct a compliant benefit design which they worked with on a budgeting basis. FBC understands our job is to translate the details of ACA compliance into actionable benefit plans which can be managed by our clients and be foundational to their success with employees.

About FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting

We are one of the oldest locally owned insurance and benefits consulting companies in Arizona. Throughout the industry, FBC is known for our high ethical and performance standards. In the 33 years we’ve been in business, we’ve continued to grow without losing sight of these founding values.

Today, FBC is licensed in 20 states and serves more than 300 major employers throughout the country. Our team guides our clients through the near-constant evolution of the healthcare industry and the impact such changes have on employee benefits. We enhance the value of compensation and help the companies we work with navigate around potential risks.