Caruso Turley Scott is the largest structural engineering firm in the U.S. Southwest. They have 82 employees in Tempe, Arizona.

Sam Caruso began the business with his partners, Richard Turley and Paul Scott. Sam passed away, but also passed on the operating principals of structural integrity in everything the firm does. This has been the hallmark of CTS since their inception in 1963.

  • 82 employees
  • Located in Tempe, AZ
  • Client of FBC since 1986
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We began working with FBC in the 1980’s when they first provided us the most competitive benefit program. Since then we have always counted on them to keep our benefit plans competitive with our industry. They have provided us with custom programs which have saved us money year over year. Our employees trust them completely. We wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Chris McKee, Director of Human Resources

Why They Chose FBC

Caruso Turley Scott first came to FBC as just another prospect we were able to win in a competitive bid environment. CTS was very interested in offering the best benefit plan they could afford in order to attract and retain the most talented engineers in their space.

Over the years, the Caruso Turley Scott benefit plan has evolved to be very rich by any measure. CTS cares very deeply for its employees and requires that a high level of individual service be available for each employee’s questions and concerns.

FBC has consistently offered this level of HR support,which minimizes pressure on their human resources department to handle benefit-related topics and service issues.

What FBC Did For Caruso Turley Scott

In 1999, FBC introduced deductible reimbursement as a solution for Caruso Turley Scott, and has been able to save this clients consistently 10-12% on healthcare costs with multiple carriers.

In the 17-year history of using deductible reimbursement,Caruso Turley Scott has never failed to reach significant savings on their health plan. This has allowed them to continue to offer a very rich benefit for their valued employees.


CTS has a culture of high-tech engineers and requires all information be dispersed in succinctly stated communications. Presentations must be brief and effective. FBC tailors communications to be directed at this audience.

Online enrollment and integration with payroll is in place to facilitate information flow and add efficiency.


On site orientation meetings and interactive presentations to both employees and family members have improved understanding of the benefit plans. Continued annual meetings and in person orientations have been popular and effective.


Year-after-year overview and renewal negotiations consistently result in low-single-digit rate changes.


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FBC Knows The Affordable Care Act

As CTS continues to grow, FBC provides an online and multiple venue enrollment platforms, HR support and strategic direction for both Affordable Care Act and ERISA compliance solutions.

FBC also provides COBRA and Section 125 solutions as part of our standard service package.

About FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting

We are one of the oldest locally owned insurance and benefits consulting companies in Arizona. Throughout the industry, FBC is known for our high ethical and performance standards. In the 33 years we’ve been in business, we’ve continued to grow without losing sight of these founding values.

Today, FBC is licensed in 20 states and serves more than 300 major employers throughout the country. Our team guides our clients through the near-constant evolution of the healthcare industry and the impact such changes have on employee benefits. We enhance the value of compensation and help the companies we work with navigate around potential risks.