Barnett Management is a large Burger King franchisee. They have 700 employees in Arizona and operate over 26 Burger King franchises. Tom Barnett began in business in 1975 as the owner of a single store and grew the operation from there. In 2015, Barnett Management was named Burger King Franchisee of the Year.

  • 700 employees
  • 26 locations
  • FBC client since 1984
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We started working with FBC primarily because of their expertise. They understand what we do: we operate Burger King restaurants. It’s a niche they understand. They have provided us consistent service and we trust them.

Brad Flahiff, Director of Development

Why Barnett Management Chose FBC

Barnett Management was referred to FBC by another restaurant organization that had worked with FBC.

Prior to joining FBC, Barnett Management had a benefit plan which was not adequately supported from a communications standpoint and was not as competitive as the market would allow.

FBC was able to introduce a level of HR support, which minimized pressure on the client’s human resources department to handle benefit-related topics and service issues.

What FBC Did For Barnett Management

Prior to joining FBC, Barnett Management purchased plans on a “retail basis” instead of a wholesale basis. These plans consistently ran above cost estimates.

In 1999, FBC introduced deductible reimbursement as a solution for Barnett Management. So far, this plan has been able to consistently save their company 10-12% on healthcare costs with multiple carriers.


Like most restaurants, Barnett Management has a mix of high-touch, service-level employees with variable hours and frequent turnover, as well as key management staff.

In addition, Barnett targets specific protocols for operations and adheres to a family-values based service model.

Therefore, benefit design needed to be engaging and appropriate to the wage scales, as well as communicated in a simple, understandable format and both in English and Spanish.


On-site orientation meetings and interactive presentations to both employees and family members have improved understanding of the benefit plans.

A recent introduction of Health Savings Accounts as dual healthcare/retirement savings tools has been popular and effective.


Year-after-year overview and renewal negotiations consistently result in low-single-digit rate changes, most recently allowing for a no rate increase renewal.


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FBC Knows The Affordable Care Act

TAs Barnett Management continues to grow, FBC provides online and multiple venue enrollment platforms, HR support, and strategic direction for both Affordable Care Act and ERISA compliance solutions.

FBC also provides COBRA and Section 125 solutions as part of our standard service package.

About FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting

We are one of the oldest locally owned insurance and benefits consulting companies in Arizona. Throughout the industry, FBC is known for our high ethical and performance standards. In the 33 years we’ve been in business, we’ve continued to grow without losing sight of these founding values.

Today, FBC is licensed in 20 states and serves more than 300 major employers throughout the country. Our team guides our clients through the near-constant evolution of the healthcare industry and the impact such changes have on employee benefits. We enhance the value of compensation and help the companies we work with navigate around potential risks.