By Chris W. Durkin, RHU, REBC, President and CEO of FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting

Hello, friends. President Trump has kicked off his tenure with his first executive order—officially titled “Minimizing The Economic Burden Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal”—aimed at the Affordable Care Act. Attached is a summary of the order and its impact points.

Clearly, it is intended to modify the ACA, but it’s unclear on what is coming next—something that we discuss in our latest blog post.

Here at FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting, we’ve extensively studied the Affordable Care Act. Here are some of the questions that we’ve been getting about President Trump’s first Obamacare executive order:

Question: Does this mean, as an employer, that I don’t have to do any ACA compliance?

While we think this might be coming down the road, we cannot recommend suspending your compliance programs at this point.

Question: Is the individual mandate gone?

Not yet. It’s possible that new legislation in Congress will remove the mandate, but—without a crystal ball—we don’t know when that will be, or what the effective date of that legislation will be.

Question: Will we know what this means before we need to file our ACA compliance forms?

We’re not sure yet. We suggest you stay tuned to see if clarification arrives from Washington in the next few weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here.

Question: When will we know the answers to some of these questions?

It’s wonderful when we know all the details right away. Unfortunately, we don’t. But, ACA compliance to your employees is not due until March 2, and it’s not due to the IRS until March 31. So, waiting to see how this all unfolds for a few more weeks is probably a good idea.


This is a bold prediction. Here at FBC, we think this Obamacare executive order and some of the direction given by the U.S. Congress indicates that there will not be penalties for non-ACA compliance. However, we can’t guarantee that outcome yet—we need more information from Washington before we can proceed!

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